How to Get DILLs

A short guide on how you lock PICKLEs for DILLs.

Looking to lock your PICKLEs for DILLs? Look no more as you have come to the right place!

Understanding DILL

The main purposes of DILL is to incentivize liquidity providers on Pickle Finance to (i) boost their Pickle earnings, (ii) vote in the Pickle governance and (iii) earn the performance fees collected by Pickle Finance.

DILLs represents your vote-escrowed PICKLEs and they are locked for the purpose of boosting, governance vote and earning performance fees. The longer you lock PICKLEs for, the more DILLs you will receive.



1 PICKLE x 1 year

0.25 DILL

1 PICKLE x 2 years

0.50 DILL

1 PICKLE x 3 years

0.75 DILL

1 PICKLE x 4 years

1.00 DILL


One of the main incentive for DILL is the ability to boost your Pickle rewards on our Pickle farms ( Liquidity providers are able to earn a max boost of up to 2.5x.


Once Pickle holders locked their Pickle for DILL, they are able to start voting on various Pickle Improvement Proposal (PIP) and Pickle farms emissions.

Staking (performance fees)

DILL holders are entitled to receive performance fees collected by Pickle Finance. A PIP will be introduced to be voted on to determine the amount for performance fees to be allocated to DILL holders.