Main FAQ

On $PICKLE, $DILL and pTokens

Q : Why does the pToken value not go up? A: Farms give you pickle rewards and do not compound pTokens. Your pTokens represent your ownership share of a Jar. This value will never change. However, the number of underlying LP tokens you have will go up and be compounded by the Jar for you.

Q: Do I have to actively claim $PICKLEs distribution each week? Or, do they accumulate if not claimed? A: Nope, you can brine (leave) it to accumulate to the point you want to withdraw and eat them.

Q: When is the latest I can lock DILL to be included in the next distribution of PICKLE? A: You must lock your PICKLE tokens up before Thursday 00:00 UTC to be eligible for the next distribution.

Q: Where can you buy $PICKLEs? A: Uniswap, Sushiswap, 1inch, and several centralized exchanges. Q: Can I unlock my $PICKLEs before the locked duration? A: No.

On Rewards

Q: How does Pickle Finance achieve 700% when underlying yield is only 200%? A: This is due to the magic of compound and exponential growth.

Q: Where are my rewards going? A: Your farm rewards are visible and claimable on the Farm page. Your Dill rewards are visible and claimable on the Dill page.

Q: Where are my LP rewards going? Is there a claim button to receive those rewards? A: The rewards tokens from the Liquidity Pools are sold off and used to purchase more of the underlying tokens for the LP, then redeposited into that pool to compound your returns.

Q: Do I only receive $PICKLE from deposits? A: Farms only distribute PICKLE tokens as rewards. Jars will compound your position in the underlying LP by selling off other reward tokens. When exiting the jars, you will not receive those reward tokens, but rather will receive the tokens deposited into the LP.

Q: Are fees included in the APY? A: No, fees have already been accounted for before quoting an APY to users.

On Jars and Farms

Q: Do Pickle farms have Impermanent Loss (IL) / Divergence Loss? A: Pickle Farms do not have IL because Pickle Farms only distribute $PICKLE rewards. Pickle Jars themselves do not have IL because Pickle Jars only compound your LP tokens. The underlying Liquidity Pool you enter will suffer from Divergence Loss because Liquidity Pools buy more of whichever asset is falling and sell whichever asset is rising.

Q: Can I stake my LP directly into the Farm - or does it need to be deposited into Jar first? A: In most cases you must deposit into a Jar first. There is one exception: the Pickle-Eth farm

Q: What is the difference between Pickle Farms and Pickle Jars? A: Pickle Jars compound your returns for you. Pickle Farms reward you with PICKLE tokens.

Q: How often do the farms compound? A: Some are every few hours, others every few days or even longer. It depends on the value of tokens in the jars. You can check the #harvest channel in Discord for how often a jar compounds.

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