There are many benefits from vote locking your PICKLEs for DILL. Read more about them here:

Locking PICKLEs for DILL

    Head over to "DILL" (app.pickle.finance/dill) on the navigation menu and select:
      The number of PICKLEs you wish to lock.
      Your lock duration, up to a maximum of 4 years.
    Click on "Create Lock" (if this is your first time interacting with vote locking, "Approve and Create Lock") then confirm the transaction
    After confirmation, your DILL balance and lock expiry date should appear. Congratulations!
DILL interface when creating a new lock

Modifying a DILL lock

If you have any DILL locked, the website will enable you to 1) increase your lock amount and/or 2) extend your lock.
    Increase Lock Amount. Clicking here adds PICKLEs to your existing lock by the amount you input. Your Balance is the amount of unlocked PICKLEs on your wallet
    Extend Lock Time. You may click on the input field and use the calendar tool to select a date, which will be rounded to the nearest DILL epoch (lasting a week). You may also use the radio buttons to select an extension period
You will be prompted to confirm a transaction from your MetaMask/Web3 wallet for either of the above actions (they are separate transactions).
DILL interface with existing balance


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