Navigating Pickle Jars & Pickle Farms

Jars page

Jars, or vaults, or gauges, basically are pools of funds with an associated strategy for maximising returns on the asset. When a user put his LP tokens into the jar, one will receive a pickle receipt for that specific LP which can be claimed at a later date along with the accrued earnings. The strategy involves selling specific tokens to be sold and increase the LP amount.

When depositing, there will be 2 transactions, one to approve and the other to deposit. When a user has deposited to the jar, that's it! The compounding (selling the specific rewards) is automatic. Some jar strategies have daily compounding, some may have a few days to be compounded due to low amount of balances.

When you hover to the APY %, you can see what the components are made of. The (?) will show you the base APR.

Farms page

Here we can see there are a lot of numbers and it may get confusing. Let's use ALCX/ETH as an example.

pSLP ALCX/ETH is the name of the strategy, it stands for pickled Sushiswap Liquidity Provider for Alchemix and Ether.

APY Range: 640.69%-644.37% is the amount you will get in a year if all things are constant. The range is based on the pickle reward, which can be boosted up to 2.5x by locking DILL.

Your APY: 644.37% is the APY you get in a specific strategy.

Earned: 0.281 is the PICKLE token reward.

Balance: 0 is the amount you can stake in the farm, 0 because the balance is already staked. When you have not staked or unstake, the balance will be shown here.

Staked: 0.52505... is the amount of pSLP ALCX/ETH token.

Value Staked: $2,675.52 is the amount in dollar term of your underlying assets. As your LP grows from compounding the rewards, so does the dollar term. Or it may decrease if the underlying value drops in dollar term.

Approve And Stake: Straightforward, putting your assets into the farm.

Unstake: take some or all of the LP to bring family for dinner, it wont claim earned pickle.

Harvest: claim pickle token for snacks.

Harvest and exit: take pickle reward and LP back to buy boat.

For in depth profit page, you can visit the profit page.

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