Tokenomics and Emission Schedule

Pickle adopts a style of tokenomics inspired by Andre Cronje's ve(3,3) tokenomics for Solidly.

This model has been adapted by Pickle with a view towards incentivizing locking $PICKLE tokens for $DILL. $DILL is a governance utility token received by Pickle users that lock $PICKLEs for a set amount of time, granting not only participation in soft governance but also an array of perks such as revenue-sharing.

The key changes Pickle has made are:

  • clearly framing the utility of $DILL locking as a claim on Pickle revenues: present and future

  • reduced dilutive pressure on $DILL lockers

  • dynamic reduction of $PICKLE emissions as $DILL adoption increases

As $DILL supply increases as a percentage of the $PICKLE total supply, emissions will decrease. This encourages collaboration and locking for $DILL amongst users, creating positive pressure on the price of $PICKLE.

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