Security is paramount in DeFi, where a large amount of trust must be placed on properly coded smart contracts and on other safety measures.

Smart Contract Audits

MixBytes Audit

An audit of the full suite of Pickle Finance smart contracts by MixBytes commenced on October 3, 2020.

To date, the all of the PickleJar strategy contracts have been audited.

No critical or major issues were found in the strategy contracts. Minor issues have been fixed. The audit report warned of suspicious proxy functions (which the Pickle Finance developers explained were necessary and were protected by a 12 hour timelock). The full report can be viewed here.

An audit of the remaining contracts is underway and is expected to complete shortly.

Haechi Audit

An audit of the full suite of Pickle Finance smart contracts by Haechi commenced on October 20, 2020.

Haechi has completed a preliminary audit of our smart contracts. We are currently working through remediations, at which point a final report will be issued.

Timelocks & Multisig

All key admin functions on the MasterChef contract, which controls the emission of PICKLEs to the Farms are controlled by a 24 hour timelock contract.

All key admin functions relating to the PickleJars are controlled by a 12 hour timelock contract.

Each of the above timelock contracts must be executed through a 2/5 community multisig wallet. The current multisig keyholders are as follows:

Polygon multi-sig wallet.

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