• Pickle takes 20% of the rewards token being compounded as a fee, in most cases.

  • Some Jars have custom fee schedules, with a percentage of AUM taken throughout a year.

For Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon Jars, Pickle Finance charges a 0.2 performance fee from each harvest. As for OEC and Moonriver Jars, Pickle Finance charges a 0.1 performance fee.

In most cases, only the reward token being harvested and compounded is applicable for these fees.

Take, for example, the case of a Pickle Jar that requires a Sushi Liquidity Pool (sLP) token as its deposit. The sLP token represents partial ownership of a liquidity pool on Sushi Swap. If the Liquidity Pool itself returns 25% APR, and Sushi offers ‘Sushi’ reward tokens amounting to an additional 15%, only the Sushi reward tokens being sold and reinvested will have fees taken out. Pickle Finance will take no fees from the growth of that underlying pool.

Some jars, however, do have custom fee schedules. All Yearn-partnered vaults (USDC, LUSD or FRAX) have different fees, amounting to a 20% performance fee plus a 2% AUM fee.

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