Contributing to Pickle Finance


Contributing to a community can take many shapes, and is only limited by your imagination.

The first and most common contribution is by joining the community where they are: on the Discord server. By hanging out, joining in discussions, and learning yourself, you will eventually be in a position to answer the questions you had, or you saw others had, to newcomers later on. This is a big help to the community and keeps us able to assimilate new users at a fast rate.

Another common way to contribute is pointing out bugs on the site to moderators or devs in the Discord server. The engineers are busy developing new strategies, building partnerships, and trying to push the protocol forward, so a lot of small bugs or problems that develop over time may go unnoticed for a while. You can help by pointing them out to us.

If you are a developer yourself, you can always provide patches or solutions to the problems others mention. You can start by going to our github, browsing the code, or even trying to run it locally. Most people would start with the ui ( before moving up to contracts or solidity.

But even non-developers can browse the github contracts repository / or learn how to query contracts, and pass on that knowledge to the community. It might be a bit daunting at first, but eventually everyone learns how to query contracts through etherscan to see how their LP tokens are growing at one time or another ;)

Beyond that, the options are really limitless. You can help suggest partnerships with other protocols, make introductions, or go be an evangelist in other discord servers for how great Pickle is. Memes, artwork, and NFTs are also always appreciated. And above all, be friendly, thoughtful, and helpful.

These are some of the ways you can contribute.

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