pJar 0.00

The CRV Mining Jars

What is pJar 0.00?

pJar 0.00 is Pickle Finance's first set of pJars which involves a user depositing one of the LP tokens received from supplying liquidity on Curve.Fi. Pickle Finance currently accepts three different Curve deposit tokens:

Deposit Token/pJar

How to Obtain

Returned Token

Current Strategy


(pJar 0a)

Depositing USDC/USDT/DAI/sUSD in Curve's sUSD pool



(pJar 0b)

Depositing renBTC/wBTC in Curve's renBTC pool



(pJar 0c)

Depositing USDC/USDT/DAI in Curve's 3pool



(pJar 0d)

Depositing ETH/stETH in Curve's stETH pool


Essentially, by depositing [x]CRV with Pickle Finance, you will receive p[x]CRV tokens in return.

Using the deposited [x]CRV, pJar 0.0 earns and re-invests CRV rewards and SNX/LDO rewards for the sCRV Jar for you so that you end up having [x]CRV than you started out with.

Earning PICKLEs from the Farm

With the exception of psCRV, the p[x]CRV tokens will allow you to additionally earn PICKLE rewards by depositing them in the Farm.

Future plans

Pickle Finance is waiting for approval to be whitelisted on Curve. This will allow boost CRV rewards by up to 2.5 times by locking up a number of CRV tokens.

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