Boosted Rewards

Earn PICKLE by pickling your ptokens in the Farms.


One of the main incentives for DILL is the ability to boost your PICKLE rewards on our Pickle Farms ( Depositors are able to earn a max boost of up to 2.5x.

The following considerations govern how much of a boost you obtain:

  • Your proportional share of the total DILL supply

    • If you own a larger share of the total supply, you will obtain a larger boost.

  • Your proportional share of a particular Farm

    • If your deposit in a particular Farm is small relative to the total deposits, it will be easier for you to obtain the max boost. The opposite is true if you comprise a large share of the deposits in a Farm (i.e. more DILL is needed for max boost).

    • e.g. if the total deposits in a Farm is $100,000 a smaller DILL balance is required to obtain the max boost if your deposit size was $1,000 compared to if your deposit size was $20,000.

In summary, your DILL balance applies to all Farms equally but may produce different boosts of up to 2.5x based on your share of deposits in the Farm.

DerivedBalance=UserBalanceInFarmāˆ—0.4DerivedBalance = UserBalanceInFarm * 0.4
AdjustedBalance=TotalDepositedInFarmāˆ—UserDillBalanceDillTotalSupplyāˆ—0.6AdjustedBalance = \frac{TotalDepositedInFarm * UserDillBalance}{DillTotalSupply} *0.6
BoostFactor=min(DerivedBalance+AdjustedBalance,UserBalanceInFarm)UserBalanceInFarmBoostFactor = \frac{min(DerivedBalance +AdjustedBalance, UserBalanceInFarm)}{UserBalanceInFarm}

A calculator is provided here to estimate how much DILL is required for obtaining certain boosts given the specific conditions of each of the Farms

Reward Range

You may notice that each Farm displays an APR range. Which APR, within the range, you will receive works as follows:

  • If you have no DILL balance, you will receive the APR at the lower end of the range. This is the base APR that all unboosted users receive.

  • If you hold DILL, you will receive a boosted APR. Your current boost can be checked with the calculator here.

  • The higher end of the range displayed on each Farm shows the APR with the 2.5x boost.

  • Once you stake your pTokens in the Farm, your exact APR will be displayed next to the APR range on the "my APR" indicator.

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