What are Pickle Farms?

Earn additional PICKLE rewards

The Pickle Finance Farms are located here: https://app.pickle.finance/farms

The Farms allows users to to farm PICKLE token rewards based on staking various assets.

Each of these farms require a different token to be staked.

The first of these farming pools, the Pickle Power pool, requires staking Uniswap PICKLE/ETH LP tokens (guide here).

The rest of the farming pools require staking pTokens obtained from depositing in a Pickle Jar (guide here).

Displayed Returns

The APY that is displayed for each farming pool represents the combination of ALL the different yields you would get. This includes returns from PICKLE rewards, PickleJar returns, Uniswap or Sushiswap LP fees, etc. Hovering over the APY number will show you the breakdown.


The APR (annual percentage rate) of the PICKLE component of each of the farms depends on a number of factors:

  • The velocity (tokens/block) at which PICKLEs are accruing to that particular Farm. This in turn the result of the PICKLE emission rate (picklePerBlock) times the relative weight of the Farm. For example, if picklePerBlock is 0.10 and the Farm's weight is 0.10 then the Farm as a whole is receiving 0.01 PICKLEs every Ethereum block.

    • All things equal, the higher the weight , the higher the PICKLE APR.

  • The number of pTokens currently staked on the Farm. For example, if the Farm is receiving 0.01 PICKLEs / block, and there are 10,000 pTokens staked on the Farm this block, each pToken receives 0.000001 PICKLEs / block.

    • All things equal, the lower the number of pTokens, the higher the PICKLE APR.

  • The price of PICKLE and the price of the pToken (based on the price of the underlying assets). Since yield is a function of both principal (your pToken deposit) and returns (the PICKLE rewards), both affect the resulting APR.

    • All things equal, the higher the PICKLE price, the higher the APR.

    • All things equal, the higher the value of the pTokens, the lower the APR.

  • The user's DILL boost factor, as explained here.

The Pickle app calculates a PICKLE APR based on real-time conditions for each Farm. This display APR is unstable, as conditions may change, sometimes rather quickly.

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