DILL Governance

Learn about $DILL and your voting rights.

The $DILL DAO aka Pickle's on-chain governance

On-chain governance via $DILL relates to the determination of Farm weights, which is done autonomously by aggregating votes on the GaugeProxy contract. Farm weights determine how much of the continuous $PICKLE rewards the stakers of each Farm get.

To vote, you need to hold $DILL which you can obtain by vote-locking your $PICKLEs.

pageLock PICKLEs for DILL

1 DILL = 1 Vote. The former PICKLE/ETH LP voting system (and quadratric voting) is discontinued. Off-chain snapshot voting will continue to be held at https://snapshot.page/#/pickle.

Once you have some $DILL:

There is no minimum voting power required to vote.

  • select a farm or multiple from the dropdown menu. Once you have completed your selection click outside the dropdown.

  • For each farm, input the desired weight. For example, you may input 80% for Farm A and 20% for Farm B. You can input any combination, for as many farms as you like, as long as the total adds up to 100%.

  • Click on "Submit Vote" and confirm the transaction with your MetaMask/Web3 wallet.

The votes will be tallied at the end of the $DILL epoch (lasting one week), votes from wallets with more $DILL will have a more profound impact on the final Farm weights, as 1 $DILL = 1 vote.

Snapshop (gasless) voting

All other matters pertaining to the Pickle protocol, including the selection of protocol officers (e.g. multi-sig members), the budget of the core team, grants and Treasury matters, enhancements, and strategic decisions are taken by the Pickle community under the direction of the founding and core team.

In order to increase participation, a gasless voting method will be used, which is integrated via Web3 with users' $DILL balances at a pre-set point-in-time (i.e. a snapshot).

Submitting a Pickle Improvement Proposal (PIP)

Currently, there is no quorum to launch Pickle Improvement Proposals (PIPs), the main mechanism for deciding on changes in the protocol. The standard process instead involves launching a Request for Comments (RFC) on the forum.pickle.finance with a poll and obtaining enough votes to proceed that a core member would assign it a PIP number and submit it to a governance vote. This is a subjective process for the time being as meta-governance is worked out.

Users should draft and post the proposal on the governance forum to gauge the interest of the overall Pickle community, via Discord, Telegram and/or the Governance forum.

There is no minimum $DILL balance required to vote. Voting on PIPs will be conducted off-chain our Snapshot instance, signal.pickle.finance.

Once sufficient interest and technical details are ironed out, team members may submit a snapshot proposal for DILL holders to vote on.

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