How to get $PICKLE


One of the easiest ways to get pickles is to participate in our farms. As mentioned above, farms are eligible to receive emissions of new $PICKLE tokens to enhance the APY of their investments. This also positions users directly in front of the emissions spigot without having to deal with any exchanges—centralized or decentralized.

Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges such as SushiSwap, UniSwap, and 1inch are great ways to purchase $PICKLE. All of these exchanges maintain or interact with existing liquidity pools. Purchases made from these pools can sometimes be at a discount (or premium) to the market price on centralized exchanges.

Because these services often trade many tokens, and because anyone can create a token with the same name, you should always verify that you are trading the correct token with the correct contract address. Before confirming your transaction, always verify the PICKLE token smart contract address: 0x429881672b9ae42b8eba0e26cd9c73711b891ca5

The easiest way to ensure you are purchasing the correct token is to follow the link on the front page of the Pickle Finance app. This link should bring you directly to a liquidity pool from which you can purchase $PICKLE tokens without worry.

Centralized Exchanges

$PICKLE tokens are listed on a number of centralized exchanges, including on OKEX, Bilaxy, MXC, AEX and Hotbit.

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