• Pickle Farms offer extra PICKLE tokens as rewards for staking Pickle Jar tokens.

  • PICKLE rewards come from emissions.

  • Each week, each farm is allocated a percentage of emissions, based on a vote.

  • How much return you get depends on the vote for your farm, what percentage of the farm you control, the PICKLE price, and more.

Pickle Farms are an additional option for yield farmers looking to maximize their yield with PICKLE token rewards from our farms. To be eligible to gain these PICKLE rewards, a user can deposit a pJar token, which they received in return for depositing into a Pickle Jar, into a matching farm. The one exception to this is the Pickle Power pool, which requires staking Uniswap PICKLE/ETH LP tokens instead of pJar tokens.

While every single smart contract contains some element of risk, the risks for staking a pJar token into a farm is near-zero. For most users, the largest concern should be the gas costs of depositing the pJar token into the farm, and the same for removing. While some users may wish to stay agile with fewer transactions required to get into and out of investments, other users may recognize the limited downside risks and the value of the free PICKLE rewards being provided. The Pickle Finance Farms are located here:

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