Pickle Farms

The Pickle Finance Farms are located here: https://app.pickle.finance/farms

The Farms allows users to to farm PICKLE token rewards based on staking various assets.


Each of these farms require a different token to be staked.

The first of these farming pools, the Pickle Power pool, requires staking Uniswap ETH:PICKLE LP tokens (guide here).

The rest of the farming pools require staking "p" tokens obtained from depositing in a PickleJar (guide here).

The APY that is displayed for each farming pool represents the combination of ALL the different yields you would get. This includes returns from PICKLE rewards, PickleJar returns, Uniswap or Sushiswap LP fees, etc. Hovering over the APY number will show you the breakdown.

Hover over the APY for the alt text