What are PickleJars?

Put your tokens into a PickleJar and earn without losing your principal.

The PickleJars can be found at https://app.pickle.finance/jars


Intro to PickleJars

Each PickleJar (or pJar) employs a different alpha seeking strategy, but fundamentally works in a similar manner:

  1. Users deposit Asset into a pJar and receive pAsset.

  2. Asset is deployed into an alpha-seeking strategy to generate returns by selling the rewards.

  3. Rewards are distributed back to the pool, causing an appreciation in pAsset.

What are the different PickleJars?

A total of 12 PickleJars have been deployed so far:

  1. pJar 0a: A Curve strategy for sUSDv2 pool (sUSDv2 pool employs a basket of 4 stablecoins to peg to US$1 and the switching between them to be stable at $1, learn more about sUSD)

  2. pJar 0b: A Curve strategy for renBTC pool (renBTC pool employs a basket of renBTC and WBTC to peg to 1BTC. Learn more about renVM and WBTC)

  3. pJar 0c: A Curve strategy for 3poolCRV pool (3poolCRV pool employs the 3 most popular stablecoins to peg to US$1 and the switching between them to be stable at $1, learn more about DAI, USDC, and USDT)

  4. pJar 0d: A Curve strategy for stETH pool (stETH pool aims to peg the staked ETH in LIDO and making stETH liquid and peg it to 1ETH. Learn more about LIDO)

  5. pJar 0.99a: A Sushiswap strategy for ETH:DAI (Very straight forward, an LP of ETH/DAI - 0% performance fee)

  6. pJar 0.99b: A Sushiswap strategy for ETH:USDC (an LP of ETH/USDC - 0% performance fee)

  7. pJar 0.99c: A Sushiswap strategy for ETH:USDT (an LP of ETH/USDT - 0% performance fee)

  8. pJar 0.99d: A Sushiswap strategy for ETH:WBTC (an LP of ETH/WBTC - 0% performance fee)

  9. pJar 0.99e: A Sushiswap strategy for ETH:YFI (an LP of ETH/YFI - 0% performance fee. YFI is yearn.finance governance token)

  10. pJar 0.99f: A Uniswap strategy for seignorage token BAC (an LP of BAC/DAI. BAC is a decentralized stablecoin with an algorithmic Central Bank. BAC aims to peg to US$1. Read more here about how its mechanism works.)

  11. pJar 0.99g: A Sushiswap strategy for seignorage token MIC (retired, due to migration and required whitelist of yield aggregator)

  12. pJar 0.99h: A Sushiswap strategy for seignorage token MIS (retired, due to migration and required whitelist of yield aggregator)

  13. pJar 0.99i: A Sushiswap strategy for ETH/yveCRV (A unique collaboration of Curve, Yearn, Sushi and Pickle. CRV is deposited for yield boost in yearn, which the yveCRV token can be staked together with ETH in sushiswap which yields SUSHI, and Pickle will be selling the SUSHI reward to be sold and compounded to LP tokens. Warning: yveCRV cannot be converted back to CRV, because the CRV is perpetually staked in Curve's voting escrow. Reminder: only 1/3 of SUSHI that will be harvested and reinvested. To date, there is no way for yield aggregator to claim the 2/3 of SUSHI. To make up for this, the pJar can be staked in farm to earn additional pickle)

  14. pJar 0.99j: A Uniswap strategy for BAS:DAI (an LP of DAI:BAS. Basis Share (BAS) is a medium of governing the protocol, and receiving seigniorage rewards through the Boardroom. How it works is explained in the whitepaper)

  15. pJar 0.99k: A Uniswap strategy for UST:MIR (an LP of UST:MIR. UST is the stablecoin in Terra network while MIR is the governance token of Mirror protocol.)

Detailed information on each PickleJar can be found below: