PickleSwap (Inactive)

Another industry-first from Pickle Finance, PickleSwap allows you to instantly swap your assets between the various PickleJars in a single transaction. As a liquidity provider, you have the flexibility to seamlessly move your assets between the Uniswap and Curve platforms, in addition to our proprietary strategies.

PickleSwap is free.

However, you will incur gas costs and slippage, as Uniswap is used under the hood to swap tokens as necessary.

Slippage only applies when swapping between pools that require a change in the underlying asset (example: 3pool to DAI/ETH or vice versa).

If you are simply swapping between stablecoin pools (sCRV/3pool/DAI), slippage will not apply as your liquidity is routed via DAI to your new pool of choice. You can see a sample transaction below:


Step 1:

Before you can swap your pTokens, you will need to unstake them from the corresponding Pickle Farm.

Navigate to https://app.pickle.finance/farm and unstake the pTokens you would like to swap.

Step 2:

Navigate to https://app.pickle.finance/swap

Choose the PickleJars that you would like to swap between, and click APPROVE:

You will be asked to approve a spending limit for your pTokens when using PickleSwap for the first time.

Step 3:

After approval, you will be able to see the estimated output value of your new pTokens.

Enter the amount of pTokens you wish to swap and click SWAP.

Confirm the transaction to finalize the swap.

Step 4:

Stake your newly acquired pTokens in their corresponding Pickle Farm by navigating to https://app.pickle.finance/farms and start earning PICKLE rewards.