Farming with your pTokens

Once you have received β€œp” tokens from depositing assets in the PickleJars (guide here), then you are ready to stake your β€œp” tokens in the Farms for PICKLE rewards.

Step 1:

Navigate to​

Step 2:

Select the Farm you wish to stake in. You should select the Farm with the same β€œp” token that you already own.

Step 3:

Enter your desired stake amount and click β€œStake”

A transaction will pop-up for you to sign to β€œApprove” this transaction.

After the transaction is complete, another transaction will pop-up for you to sign to β€œStake” the tokens.

Step 4:

Congratulations, you have successfully staked your β€œp” tokens in a Farm. This means your tokens are earning PICKLEs in addition to yield from pJars.