Understanding Voting & Governance (WIP)

Voting on the PICKLE Governance (DILL-DAO)

To vote on matters related to Pickle, users are required to lock their Pickles in exchange of DILL. By locking the Pickles, DILL holders are able to earn a boost on their Pickle rewards and are able to vote on all DAO proposals.

Users who reach a voting power of XXX DILL are able to create new Pickle Improvement Proposals (PIP). There is no minimum voting power required to vote.



1 PICKLE x 1 year

0.25 DILL

1 PICKLE x 2 years

0.50 DILL

1 PICKLE x 3 years

0.75 DILL

1 PICKLE x 4 years

1.00 DILL

Voting Power

DILL stands for the vote escrowed Pickle.

Users are able to lock their Pickles for different set of durations from minimum a week up to a maximum of 4 years. Users who lock their Pickles longer receive more voting power.

Voting (DILL-DAO) Dashboard

Users can visit the Pickle voting (DILL-DAO) dashboard here XXX

Submitting Pickle Improvement Proposals (PIP)

Users who wish to create a new official proposal can do so here: https://forum.pickle.finance/

Users should draft and post the proposal on the governance forum to gauge the interest of the overall Pickle community, via Discord, Telegram or Governance forum.

Once sufficient interest and technical details are ironed out, you may request for a team member to submit a snapshot vote for DILL holders.