Understanding Gauges (WIP)

To provide a high-level understanding on the gauge system.

PICKLE-DILL Gauge System

On Pickle Finance, the gauge system measures how much dollar value you have provided in the Pickle farms. Each Pickle farm has its own liquidity gauge where you can stake your liquidity provider token.

PICKLE-DILL Weight System

On Pickle Finance, the weight system measures how much of the Pickle emissions are received by the liquidity provider.

LPs are able to submit their voting weight towards the Pickle farms of their choice at XXX every 2 weeks (Friday 12am UTC).


The PICKLE voting and governance will be allocated to all DILL holders. All DILL holders are able to vote and dictate which Pickle farm receives the most Pickle emissions.

DILL holders are also encouraged to exercise their votes for Pickle-Improvement-Process (PIPs) - https://snapshot.page/#/pickle