Gauge Weights

What are gauge weights?

Simply put, a gauge weight translate into how much a Pickle farm receives the Pickle emission rewards.

Pickle holders who locked their Pickles for DILLs will be able to vote for the Pickle farm that will receive the most emission rewards.

When do gauge weights change?

DILL holders are able to submit their voting weight towards the Pickle farms of their choice XXX before every 2 weeks (Friday 12am UTC).

Who can vote for gauge weights?

DILL holders who have locked their Pickles for DILL can vote to direct its voting power towards one or multiple Pickle farms.



1 PICKLE x 1 year

0.25 DILL

1 PICKLE x 2 years

0.50 DILL

1 PICKLE x 3 years

0.75 DILL

1 PICKLE x 4 years

1.00 DILL

How often can DILL holders move their voting weight?

DILL holders can change their voting weight once every 2 weeks before Friday 12am UTC.