DILL Vote Locking

What is vote locking?

Pickle holders can vote lock their Pickles for DILLs. The longer they lock for, the more DILL they receive. Vote locking allows you to vote in governance, boost your Pickle farm rewards and receive shared performance fees.



1 PICKLE x 1 year

0.25 DILL

1 PICKLE x 2 years

0.50 DILL

1 PICKLE x 3 years

0.75 DILL

1 PICKLE x 4 years

1.00 DILL

What is vote locking boost?

When vote locking Pickle, you will also earn a boost on your liquidity provided in Pickle farm by up to 2.5x. The goal is to incentivize users to participate in governance by rewarding them with a bigger share of the Pickle emission rewards.

What if I provide liquidity in multiple pools?

Your voting power applies to all gauges but may produce different boosts of up to 2.5x based on how much liquidity you are providing and how much total liquidity the pool has.

How often does my boost records voting power changes?

Your voting weight decreases over time but your boost will take effect of your decreasing voting power at certain checkpoints, for e.g withdrawing, depositing or claiming your Pickle rewards.

For example, if you start with 100 DILL and your voting power decreases to 80 DILL, your boost will still retain your original voting power of 100 DILL until a user checkpoint is executed.

How to verify that my boost is active?

If your boost is showing up at app.pickle.finance, then it is active.

If you have locked Pickles for DILLs but your boost is inactive, you may need to execute a user checkpoint to apply the boost.