Locking PICKLE for DILL (Walkthrough)

Locking PICKLE for DILL - Walkthrough

So you want to finally take the step and lock up your PICKLE tokens for DILL’s voting rights, revenue share, and Farm boosts. You’ll first need to navigate over to the DILL page on the app, and look at this part of the page.
The left shows some current statistics on how much is locked. We can see that there are 583,043 PICKLE tokens locked up for an average of 3.29 years. These holders collectively have 479,011 DILL.
To the right, you have your opportunity to lock up any of your raw PICKLE tokens for a given amount of time. Balance shows how many unlocked PICKLE tokens you currently have that are eligible for lockup. You can fill in how many tokens you want to lock, and for what duration. The first time you do this, approving the lock will be a single step process. You can “Approve and Create Lock”, and both your PICKLE quantity and lock duration will be made official.
If you’ve done this before, however, locking new tokens and increasing your lock duration become two separate transactions.