Farm Weights Voting
example of farm weights voting
DILL Holders are entitled to vote for which farm gets a share of PICKLE emissions. Those votes are then totaled up, and the emissions are divided into the farms. In the above picture, a user is splitting their votes into two farms, allocating 35% to the pYearnLusdCRV farm, and 65% to the pUNIV2 FEI/TRIBE farm.
The voting mechanism is on the Farm page, instead of on the DILL page.
To start, a user will select from the dropdown the first Farm they wish to allocate some of their vote to. Once selected, that farm will appear below the dropdown, and the user will be allowed to enter what percent of their vote they want to allocate to that Farm.
The screenshot includes a few elements to note. First is the Farm name. After that comes the current APY range for the Farm including current rewards. The next column breaks out which portion of those rewards come from PICKLE tokens. The final column includes the current weight for the Farm, that is, what percent of emissions are allocated to the Farm currently.
Once you input your vote, the last column will update to display the change. The text β€œ9.23% -> 9.47%” indicates that after your vote is counted, the weight of the Farm should increase from 9.23% of emissions up to 9.47%. In order to submit your vote, your total vote must add up to 100%.
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